The People That Move You

Molly Hill

Owner / Coach

"Find your REASON!"

Chances are, Molly will be the first person you see when you come in to FITZONE. As the owner, coach and general boss lady around here, she can deliver you a kick butt class, train a small group, set you up with a killer nutrition program and sell you some swag – all before 8am. Molly has been in the Fitness Industry and owned her own studios for over 30 years. She is widely known as one of the top names in Fitness in Ventura and in 2019 she was Voted #1 Trainer in all of Ventura County. When she’s not taking care of business, she can be found spending time with her family, kayaking the harbor, cruising the beach on her bike or sipping a cocktail on her deck.

Whitney Weil

Whitney grew up in an active family where she grew to love exercise at a young age. She went on to get her bachelor's and master's degrees in kinesiology from Chico State University. Her favorite part of coaching is building relationships with her clients and helping to improve their quality of life through movement and nutrition. When she isn't training clients or herself, you can find her out hiking, backpacking, hanging out with friends and family, or eating something good!

Michelle Taylor


Embodying the true spirit of Aloha, you’ll find Michelle leading her classes by encouraging every student by name and offering personal attention to all. But don’t let her welcoming smile fool you, her experience in the fitness industry is apparent in the way she will push you to the edge without letting you fall off. Michelle loves to share her passion and expert level knowledge of TRX Resistance Training with her classes and is always finding new ways to challenge the mind and body. Outside the gym, Michelle is an avid world traveler, spends time with her Daughter Kelly and is a self-proclaimed cat and plant lady.

John and Renee Pierce

“Outside your comfort zone is where the action is!”

John is a Rockstar turned Fitness Coach! His lifetime love and practice of Martial Arts fuels his passion for training kickboxing as well as provides him with some pretty sweet dance moves! If he is not teaching a killer boxing class, he’s with his lovely wife (and fellow Coach) Renee working out, riding motorcycles, eating tacos, drinking beer or walking their 4 dogs

"Let's have fun getting FIT!"

If Renee is in the gym, you’ll know it. Her special brand of humor and energy is one of a kind and will have her class working hard and cracking up all at the same time. Renee has been a part of the FITZONE Crew since day one, starting at the front desk, going through her own fitness journey and eventually becoming the sassy coach we know and love today. When she is not inspiring and entertaining at the gym, She is continuing her education, Looking for volunteering and charitable contribution opportunities and doing her part to save the planet! Oh, and gushing over her hubby John

Jessica Lau

“Life is too short for BORING!”

There’s a good chance, if you don’t come to one of Jessica’s rockin’ classes first, she’ll be singing and dancing right next to you in class. As a former track athlete and lover of all things Fitness, Jessica loves being a coach and encouraging people to get outside of their comfort zones. She adamantly believes in the power of trying new things, practicing what she preaches both in and out of the gym. In her spare time she loves traveling, beach days and looking for tasty treats to try!

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