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Absolutely loved All In with Ali and not stopping here! Reaching these 5 goals everyday and not beating myself up if I don’t get a point. Being MINDFUL in my life during this challenge has been empowering! Thank you Ali and everyone else who has inspired me.
-Stephanie Sands

I loved this challenge and the point system. I tracked all my food in my phone notes section each day with my point total for that day. This system works for me! My intention is to continue one week at a time. Thank you Ali for this and I always looked forward to your motivational videos each morning. I appreciate Fitzone and all it offers.

-Rhonda Barnes

I really appreciated the whole self aspect of this challenge. It wasn’t about counting calories or grams of fat or carbs, etc. It’s about taking care of yourself through healthy food and beverages, self care, and movement. All the things required to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Ali is incredibly talented at being motivating but real at the same time. Her encouragement and tough talk really helped with the journey. Thank you, Ali, for making this fun and rewarding

-Keala Stephens

I loved All In with Ali! The point system is something that I can definitely continue because it is not restrictive, it just makes me be more mindful. I appreciated that this was not only about nutrition, but about taking care of the whole self...mind and body! Finally, I also looked forward to the inspirational and supportive videos each day. Thank you, Ali Trowbridge!

-Rosemarie Wilcox

Absolutely love the program and really appreciate all of the time and effort you put into it and you responded to everyone’s questions it was super motivating and I’m able to use what I learned every day thank you Ali for sharing your passion with us!!!

-Kelly Mada

I really like how this challenge is broken down into manageable actions. This wasn't a diet challenge so much as a how to live my life smarter and healthier challenge. I love that perfection is not the goal (and I wasn't even close to perfect!). We are encouraged to live our lives while incorporating healthy habits into our behaviors. The emphasis is not calories but eating proper portions of real food, being kind to ourselves as well as taking care of our bodies with movement. I think we would all be better off doing this challenge a few times a year!

-Christine Swaidan

I really liked the words of encouragement & motivation. I realize that my post cancer, YOLO ways are not helping my waistline AND my paranoia of other preventable diseases to dare enter. It’s a great program you’ve developed and I plan on making this 1 stick. I’m thrilled to be at a studio with such caring & enthusiastic coaches. You guys are truly the best!

-Tami Marshall

Having tried so many different plans I was really impressed with how easy this was to follow. Such a great program, Ali. I’m not good at sharing/participating (that’s what I need to get better at) but I followed along and managed at least 28 points a week throughout. I will definitely be incorporating this into my daily life.

-Karen Myring

This challenge brought Awareness (or Mindfulness) back to my daily routine. Instead of floating through the day, the five goals kept me focused on sticking to healthy habits that kept me in shape, mobile, flexible, balanced and nutritionally balanced - it's what I deserve. The comments and participation from the group members was always important - almost as much as the daily pep talk from Ali.

-Patricia McPherson

Thank you for this challenge Ali! I really liked the point system and the quick easy recipes. I have been making those chicken salads and now my whole family eats them. It’s so much easier to eat well when the whole family is excited about my same meals. My family also likes the really healthy oat cookies. I also like that I’m not counting calories or carbs or proteins.

-Patti Arcangelo

I can NOT say enough good things about the “All In with Ali” 21day program. The simplicity of the weekly points system keeps you from feeling overwhelmed and Ali’s genuine enthusiasm and desire for each of us to succeed is CONTAGIOUS! My FAVORITE part of the program was her daily motivational videos. Having a quick “chat” in the morning giving you one piece of the wellness puzzle to focus on and work on each day kept me engaged and the 21 days went WAY TOO QUICK! The balanced meal formula focused more on what types of foods to eat rather than specific potions and she was always available for the group or by private message should you have any questions or need clarification. My husband liked the “lifestyle” point the best as it ensured you were getting a balance of work and family and self time.

Truly a well rounded program that started off for me as a way to fight these last stubborn 10 pounds but here I am still counting points and grateful for her daily motivations.

-Victoria Henderson

Hey! I just wanted to thank you so much for the All in with Ali program. It really is something special & you should be proud!! So much more than just a diet or a do this for a few days challenge. It seriously changed our family’s life! I loved having the daily motivation and inspiration from other group members and accountability, but what really changed things more than anything for our family was the balanced meal formula. It is so simple but so life-changing and effective and realistic to sustain! I honestly always thought we were eating healthy. I love veggies and cook lots of meat and don’t fry things and thought I was being mindful and health-conscious, but your formula is so simple and opened my eyes to a lot of the areas that were silent downfalls for us and have been fairly easy with a little motivation and commitment to cut out. I love that it gives guidance on specific foods and portions to then build my meals as I see fit, rather than a program that tells me exactly what I have to eat for every meal/snack/etc. (I’m stubborn & get bored so those don’t last very long! ) I really do feel like rather than this being a tough it out and do this diet for as long as you can white knuckle it through this really gave me a better understanding of food and how to fuel our bodies where we can be successful wherever we are. Also, I never in a million years would’ve thought I even would’ve been WILLING to cut sugar out but was willing to give it a shot and we have been amazed at the results and feel motivated to continue. So THANK YOU! 
What’s really cool and I think shows just how impactful the food changes have been, is my fiancé lost 10 pounds in the last three weeks and didn’t exercise at all. I am still on him to join the movement train, but he was really amazing at jumping on board with me and letting me educate him on what to eat and what to avoid and I was super proud at how committed & consistent he was. He was thrilled to see some of his belly fat going away - down 2” so far! He even wore one of his “skinny shirts” to work today. 
I also really really love your virtual workouts. They have been so perfect for me under these circumstances of me having to be stuck at home. What’s cool is even on days when because of my heart I can’t push it and do any cardio I’ve been able to successfully do one of your tone zone or other workouts and still get a gnarly intense amazing work out but without stressing my heart rate too much! So thank you for that as well. That recent tonezone booty workout with the 4 rounds starting with the plies kicks my ass! But I love it so good!! I still can’t do it all the way through without breaking a couple times on some moves, but am determined to get there! 
So thank you again. You are really so gifted at what you do & I am so grateful to get to benefit from your wisdom & passion!! Love you! 

-Leah Miner

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